Workbench integrates with Dockstore, a platform dedicated to the sharing of analytical tools and workflows. Dockstore is:

  • Open-Source: It's a free platform, promoting the open-source ethos of collaboration and transparency.

  • Reusable and Scalable: Dockstore encourages the sharing of workflows that are not only robust but also scalable, catering to both small-scale and large-scale analytical needs.

  • Public Workflows: Any workflow shared on Dockstore is publicly accessible, ensuring a wide array of tools for users to choose from.

With this integration, Workbench users can access and leverage the vast collection of public workflows shared by the global community on Dockstore.

Viewing your Dockstore workflows in Workbench

When you publish workflows on Dockstore, they will not appear immediately on Workbench but may take several hours to properly synchronize. If your workflow is not available after several hours of publishing on Dockstore, it is possible that is has failed validation; only workflows which are syntactically correct will be synchronized.

To check the workflow's correctness you can use MiniWDL, a command line utility and execution engine for WDL. If running the miniwdl check command succeeds, and you are still not seeing your workflow in Workbench, please contact DNAstack support.

miniwdl check path/to/your/workflow.wdl

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