Publisher is a tool for connecting, protecting, and sharing your omics data over open standards, all in one place.

How it works

Publisher is a data integration and sharing studio that increases the impact of your data by making it easier to integrate, find, access, and use. With Publisher you can connect any dataset, from any source, all in one place, and without moving it. You retain administrative control and have transparency into how it’s used. Securely share your data across federated data sharing networks enabled by Explorer with a push of a button, in compliance with standards set by the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health.

To use Publisher, we'll start by setting up a dedicated instance for you in your environment, close to your data. Subsequently, you'll be able use the web interface or the downloadable command-line interface (CLI) package to manage your data.

Publisher allow you to connect to multiple different data sources and index their contents. You can organize indexed data into collections, attach metadata, configure access policies, share collections over open standards, and make them easy to discovery by registering them in networks.

If you are interested in obtaining Publisher, please contact our support team.

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