Viewing a Collection

How to view collection tables and downloading table data.

On the landing page or the advanced search page, recent Collections will be listed in card format. Each card will have an access policy badge (Open Access, Registered Access, Controlled Access) in the footer.

Note: If the Collection you want to view has an access policy other than "Open Access" then you will be required to log in with Passport. All open access collections can be viewed without logging in

  • Step 1: To view a Collection, click on a particular card.

  • Step 2: You will be navigated to the Collection Details page where you will see collection metadata on the "Overview tab" and the collection tables displayed in a tabbed layout.

  • Step 3: Click on the Tab of the collection table you wish to view. The tab content will display the a data table on the right and filtering sidebar on the left. The table can be scrolled vertically and horizontally depending upon the table rows and columns.

Hiding Filter Sidebar

  • Step 4: To hide the filter sidebar, click the hamburger icon. This will allow you to explore the data table in full width.

Customize Table Columns

  • Step 5: To adjust the column width, hover on the table header and drag the column width left or right.

  • Step 6: You can customize table columns by clicking the "Columns" button. From the columns dropdown menu, you can uncheck particular column to hide from view. You may also drag the column up or down to change the column order by clicking and holding the drag icon next to the checkboxes.

Download Table

  • Step 7: You can download the data table rows by clicking the "Download" button. 1000 rows will be downloaded in a CSV format. You can also click on the checkboxes of certain rows and then click the "Download" button to download a CSV of only the selected records.

Programmatic Access

  • Step 8: For more powerful browsing capabilities, tables can be accessed programmatically over the API, or through a provided command-line interface or a Python library.


Click "View Query" button to see the CLI command and follow instructions from the Installing the CLI section of the documentation.


Python tab in "View Query" dialog shows Python command to get query result. follow instructions from the Python Library section of the documentation.


SQL tab in "View Query" dialog shows SQL command.

Signed URL

Signed URL tab in "View Query" dialog generates shareable URL to get query result in data-connect format using permissions of the user who generates this URL. URL is valid for 15 minutes before it expires.

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