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A Workflow Engine is an application that accepts a workflow script, generates individual task definitions, and dispatches them to an execution service.
Workbench currently supports two open-source workflow engines:
  • Cromwell developed by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  • miniWDL developed by the Chan-Zuckerberg Institute

Supported clouds and On-Premises Environments

Workbench can run workflows on engines in many environments, including on major commercial clouds and on-premises. We provide detailed instructions on setting up engines in:

Workflow description language (WDL)

Both Cromwell and miniWDL engines support running workflows written in the Workflow Description Language (WDL, pronounced ‘widdle’). WDL is an open, community-driven workflow language stewarded by the OpenWDL organization.
For more information about finding and/or developing WDL workflows, see Finding or importing a workflow in the Workbench User Guide.
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