workflows create

Create a workflow in a namespace


omics workbench workflows create [WORKFLOW_FILE...]


Create a new workflow in a namespace from the given WORKFLOW_FILE, and set any additional metadata.


Create a workflow with a single file main.wdl. When the name or version name is not specified, workbench will use default values. The name will be derived directly from the workflow name in main.wdl. For example if the name of the workflow is workflow HelloWorld { ... }, then the name in Workbench will be HelloWorld

If you do not specify a version name the default version name is: v1_0_0

dnastck workbench workflows create main.wdl

You can customize the metadata of the workflow and override the default values

omics workbench workflows create --name "Hello World" --version-name 1.0 main.wdl

You can also add a description in markdown, uploading a file

omics workbench workflows create --name "Hello World" --description main.wdl

Or writing the contents of the description direclty

omics workbench workflows create --name "Hello World" --description '# Description \nA simple hello world' main.wdl

Positional Arguments


A WDL or supporting text file that you would like to upload as part of the workflow. You can specify multiple files at once. The first WDL file specified will become the entrypoint of the workflow.

The CLI transparently handles imports for you, inspecting each WDL and resolving/finding relative imports that are defined in the files. Because of this, it is typically sufficient to only specify the entrypoint of the workflow, since all other files will be discoverable from that



Specify a human-readable name for the workflow


Specify a human-readable name for the first version of the workflow. The version-name will be used to derive the version ID which is how workbench references a given version at the API level.


Specify a description written in markdown that will be rendered on the workflows overview page for the given workflow. This is a convenient way to provide specific information, outlines or references for your workflow

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