runs describe

Describe one or more runs


omics workbench runs describe [RUN_ID...]


Describe one or more runs, retrieving additional information including the inputs, outputs, engine parameters, and tasks if requested.


omics workbench runs describe 9304f588-63c3-4743-8afc-cb8eba0f48e4

You can pass multiple run_id's to the command and the complete information for each run ID will be printed out

omics workbench runs describe 9304f588-63c3-4743-8afc-cb8eba0f48e4 38c29cd3-22c3-4936-a3f8-bbb2caf2b334 4d6260aa-5d8f-4753-ad05-33d967b95250

Positional Arguments


Specify one or more run ID's that you would like to retrieve information for. The run ID can be found on the Monitor or via the runs list command.



Output a minimal response, only showing the run ID, current state, start and stop times. This flag is useful if you are periodically checking the state of workflow and waiting until it is finished.


Display only the inputs for the requested runs.


Display only the outputs for the requested runs.

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