Sharing a Collection


Once you've defined a collection, you can choose to share it across federated data sharing networks, or utilize Access Policies to share it with specific users. Publisher offers the following services to share collections with users:

  • Discovery: Allow users to discover this collection. The collection name, description, and other metadata will be shared publicly.

  • Search: Allow users to query the tables in this collection, using the GA4GH Data Connect standard.

  • Download: Allow users to download files from this collection, using the GA4GH Data Repository Service API.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Step 1: On the "Collections" page, choose a collection that you want to share.

  • Step 2: Click on the "Sharing" tab, and you will see the sharing preferences for this collection.

  • Step 3a: You can enable Discovery to allow users to discover this collection. You can also choose to share your collection with any of the Networks listed.

    • Keep in mind that changes to the sharing settings will take a few minutes to propagate to any selected Networks.

    • If the toggle for Discovery is turned off, then the collection is no longer shared with any of the Networks.

  • Step 3b: For the Search and Download services, you can choose the appropriate access policy once you've toggled the service on.

    • If the toggle is on for either Search or Download, the access policy selection is mandatory.


  • If none of the services aren't enabled, then no one except for Administrators will be able to see or access the collection.

  • If any of the service toggles are on, that determines the Shared status on the main collections page. If all toggles are off, the status will be "Not Shared".

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