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Access Policies

Access policies are applied to collections via our three services to determine who the collection can be shared with. For more details on these services and how to apply an access policy to a collection, please read the collection sharing page.
There are three types of access policies:
  • Public
    • Collections with the public access policy can be accessed by anyone including anonymous users.
  • Registered
    • Collections with the registered policy can be accessed by any user that has logged in via Passport.
  • Controlled Access
    • Collections with a controlled access policy can only be accessed by a user if their email is listed within the access policy's allow list.
    • Controlled access policies differ from public and registered policies because:
      • they are created by Publisher Admins
      • there can be more than one controlled access policy
    • Optionally, Access Requests may be enabled within the access policy if we want to allow users the ability requests access to collections with our controlled access policy.
You can navigate to the Access Policies page by clicking the "Access Policies" button on the left-hand side of the screen.
List of Access Policies
The Access Policies overview page lists all the available access policies. The following information is provided for each policy:
  • The policy name
  • The date and time it was created
  • Whether access requests are enabled for this policy
  • The Access Policy type
  • The Actions button
List of Access Policies
Available options in Actions menu
You may view the access policy in more detail by clicking the row of your chosen policy.
The Actions button contains three actions: View Policy, Edit Policy, and Delete Policy.
Since Public and Registered are default policies, the only available action is to view them in more detail.
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