Finding Workflows

To execute a workflow, it must be accessible through your Workbench account. You can explore all available workflows linked to your account via the workflows page with Workbench or by utilizing the command line interface.

With thousands of workflows at your disposal, Workbench simplifies the process of finding the specific workflow you need. In case you cannot locate a workflow suitable for your use case, you can always create your own and integrate it into your account. The workflows page presents key information for each workflow, and a single search bar facilitates easy exploration. If your search string matches any of the following fields, the workflow will be included in the results:

  • Workflow name

  • The Workflow ID

  • Organization

  • Workflow source

  • The latest version of the workflow

Choosing a workflow from the workflows table directs you to the workflow overview page. Here, you can access metadata, documentation, and all versions of the workflow. The action icon offers additional operations:

  • Select "View Workflow" to navigate to the workflow overview page.

  • Select "Copy Workflow ID" to add the unique identifier and its latest version to your clipboard. You can use this value with the --url flag when submitting a workflow for execution through the command line interface.

  • Select "Run Workflow" to access the run configuration page, enabling you to configure one or more runs of the workflow for execution.

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