Connecting to BigQuery

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s fully managed, petabyte-scale, and cost-effective analytics data warehouse that lets you run analytics over vast amounts of data in near real time.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your instance of Publisher and select menu "Data Sources" in the side navigation bar.

  • Step 2: On the Data Sources page, click "Connect Data Source" button.

  • Step 3: Click on the "BigQuery Database" option.

  • Step 4: Click "Next"

  • Step 5: You will require the following in order to create a connection to BigQuery:

    1. A Google service account containing the data.

    2. The Google service account key in JSON format.

    3. The ID of the Google Cloud Platform project.

    4. The ID of the Google Cloud Platform quota project.

    5. The name of the BigQuery dataset that contains the data.


    You can read more how to create Google Service account keys here

* **Step 6:** Navigate to [Google Cloud Platform]( 1. Create new service account credential or navigate to the existing service account which has access to the data you wish to add. 2. Select KEYS tab. 3. Click on ADD KEY and select option Create new key. 4. Create new key of type JSON. * **Step 7:** Upload JSON Service Account Key by drag & drop or click upload icon and choose file from system.Paste the ID of the Google Cloud Platform project.Paste the ID of the Google Cloud Platform quota project. Click "Next"

  • Step 8: Choose the dataset from the dropdown that contains the data you wish to connect. Click "Next"

  • Step 9: Type a name for the data source and click "Done"

  • Step 10: Once the data source has been connected, you may optionally publish a collection containing the data on Networks by clicking "Share Collection"

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